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The Happy Life Coaching Program (20% OFF)

Includes 9 x 60 minute sessions

1 payment of $900.00


Are you ready to dive in and make some serious changes in your life? Whether you're in a funk, going through a divorce, making a career change, or you just plain want to turn things up a notch ... or two ... or three, I can coach you on all of the above .. .and then some! You can create whatever life you desire, so you might as well create a life that sets your heart on fire! A life filled with power, passion, excitement, and a ton of kickass experiences! This program offers 9 weekly phone sessions and will provide plenty of opportunity for your Inner Badass to shine for all the world to see. These coaching sessions are all about you! Whatever your obstacles, whatever your struggles, we will tackle them. Better yet, we will toss those suckers in the past and move onto bigger and better things for your future. Fasten your seatbelt! IT'S GO TIME!

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